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Nava Tehila

Nava Tehila- "beautiful praise"- is an emerging prayer and study group in Jerusalem. We welcome people of diverse backgrounds who wish to experience various expressions of spiritual life with a Jewish flavor. We gathered for the first time on Shabbat Shira - Sabbath of Song - 5764 (2004). Twenty neshamot (souls) gathered to pray in a private home in Jerusalem. Over the past few years, this group of friends has grown under the guidance of Rabbi Ruth Gan Kagan.

Nava Tehila grows and develops in its own pace. Some of us are drawn to prayer, some find their spiritual anchor in music and devotion. There are those whose path is Torah study in our co-ed classes and workshops, while others enjoy virtual connection with us through our music online resources. The atmosphere in Nava Tehila is welcoming and our practice non-coercive.  


Our  prayers are egalitarian and inclusive. We welcome people of other religions and "spiritual, but not religious" people who want to pray and sing with us. Our prayer is experiential because we are constantly seeking ways of connection to the Living God in each and every moment. This past years we had the merit to receive an abundance of new tunes that were composed especially for our Kabbalat Shabbat by our gifted musicians and prayer leaders. We have released two cds and created an online resource center to make our music available for use in other pryaer coummunities.  

Calendar of Events

We  meet for Kabbalat Shabbat once a month in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Baka'a, As well as for the Holidays. 


Under the umbrella of our organization we offer Beit Midrash programs: classes and workshops in Jewish spirituality, meditation, Kabbalah and Chasidut.

Nava Tehila is affiliated with the Jewish renewal spiritual movement.  We are inspired to a great measure by the contemporary Hasidic Rebbe Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. Rabbi Ruth Gan Kagan, who is the spiritual leader of the community, was ordained by Reb Zalman and Aleph - Alliance for Jewish Renewal

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